We created Party Freud because we're passionate about building a movement that champions reaching out to one another for support, connection, and comedic relief. 


The game is very easy to play. The dealer (AKA the “Doc”) starts by dealing each player seven Freud cards because who wants their hands full? The Doc then draws a Party card and reads it aloud. The Party card will present a modern day ailment.  Players then choose from a range of fake treatment options through the Freud cards and toss them into a pile. The Doc then reads the fake treatment options aloud and chooses their favorite prescription. The extra special sauce arrives through our Group Therapy prompts. They're hidden within the Party cards. (Hint: See instructional video here!) 

Group Therapy activities include:

  • Symptom Charades: Using the rules of charades, players act out a range of mood related ailments.

  • Rapid Response: Similar to categories, players shout out words to fit within a certain category.

  • Diagnose a Friend: Players identify who amongst the group fits a certain description.

  • Head Talk: The Doc puts a card on their forehead and players rapidly shout clues about what that card says. The Doc then awards the point to whoever gave the best clues.


This game is for everyone and for all situations. There's no need to get too deep while playing Party Freud. Game night? Double date night? Family night? If you want to keep it light and frisky, that's cool. In the mood to go a little deeper? Great! The game's categories allow you to tailor your experience to what feels best.

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